Alex Hormozi Net Worth, How He Become Millionaire By 31

So Alex Hormozi is this super passionate fitness and bodybuilding dude who made a ton of money from it. As of 2023, Alex Hormozi net worth is $100 million. He’s not just rich, he’s also a philanthropist, author, and runs a business. He got super successful by starting Gym Launch and also has two other awesome companies. Plus, he’s got a podcast called The Game Podcast. He and his wife, Leila Hormozi, make a great team in business and life.

alex hormozi net worth



Alex Hormozi was born in Austin, Texas on August 18, 1992. He was super into health and fitness even when he was just a teen. In high school, he went to Gilman School in Maryland and did a bunch of outdoor stuff like playing tennis and soccer.

After high school, he went to Vanderbilt University to study Human and Organization Development. While he was there, he was the VP of Vanderbilt Powerlifting and the president of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. He finished his degree in 2011 with Magna Cum Laude honours.

He got a job as a management consultant at a small strategy business but wasn’t satisfied with his work life. so after a couple of years, he decided to quit and entered the fitness industry.


Quick Facts:

   Net Worth                             $100 million
   Name                                          Alex Hormozi
   DOB                                             August 18, 1992
   Height                                        6 foot 3 inch
   Profession                                Entrepreneur, investor, Author, Philanthropist
   Status                                         Married
   Wife                                             Leila Hormozi



So in 2017, Alex started Gym Launch, a company that helped gym owners grow their business and make it successful. In just a few years, he had over 2000 clients and made some of them super rich.

Besides Gym Launch, Alex also makes good money from his second company, Prestige Labs. He put all his money into it, and it started as a supplement company but later grew into other products.

In 2019, Prestige Labs came up with Done For You Meals. They’re all about giving people pre-packaged, USDA-approved meals that get delivered right to their doorstep. Super convenient for busy folks who don’t have time to cook healthy meals.


alex hormozi net worth


The next year, Alex started another winning business called ALAN, which is a software company. He created it to help both modern and traditional businesses make more money and be more successful.

All of Alex’s businesses are doing great, and they’re making him a lot of money too. That’s a big reason why Alex Hormozi’s net worth is so impressive.

Besides running three awesome companies, Alex also hosts a podcast called “The Game with Alex Hormozi.” On the podcast, he chats about how entrepreneurs can get more clients and make more money in their businesses.

In 2021, Alex sold most of his shares to American Pacific Group and started, which helps out entrepreneurs who aren’t super rich yet.

Alex also has a YouTube channel that he’s had since 2009, with 357K subscribers. Sharing his knowledge there has definitely helped boost Alex Hormozi’s net worth too.


alex hormozi net worth


Personal Life:

When it comes to Alex’s personal life, he’s married to a woman named Leila Hormozi. They started dating when Gym Launch was just getting started, and she even helped him with the business. After dating for 13 months, they got hitched, and now she’s a 50% owner in all of his companies.

Alex Hormozi Net Worth:

As of 2023, Alex Hormozi net worth is $100 million.

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